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FujiLove Magazine – May 2018

· 5.May.2018

Hello FujiLovers! The May issue of FujiLove Magazine has arrived with a whole fresh batch of wonderful articles for you to enjoy.

Our cover contributor for this month is Andy Mumford, who has spent the past year photographing landscapes with the X-T2 to evaluate its capabilities in the field. Travelling around a few different locations around Europe provided him with some wonderful scenery, captured ever so beautifully in his article.

Continuing with a travel theme is Omar Gonzales, who discusses the balance between getting some great images and spending time with loved ones while on a family trip, and suggests the X-T20 as the perfect remedy. Maarten Heilbron, meanwhile, takes us through some of the more ‘gimmicky’ features of the X Series cameras and assesses whether or not any of them have their use for serious photographers.

Steve Thomas transports us to Kuala Lumpur after dark, giving us a different view of the city in all its lit-up glory, while Olaf Sztaba continues his ‘Simplicity in Seeing’ series with a reflection on the photographer’s role as part of an audience. Also continuing his own ‘Street Photography’ series is Jens Krauer, who gives us a fresh look at the concept of ‘the decisive moment’.

Although we have no ‘Lens Guide’ this month, I did get the wonderful opportunity to interview our lens guru himself, Jonas Rask, lifting the lid on his favourite Fujifilm kit, the lenses he’d like to see coming next and what he considers to be the most underrated lens in the Fujifilm lineup. Rounding off this fantastic issue is Ethan Lin and Kuo-Chiao Lin, who discuss the numerous merits of the X Series and consider just why these cameras are so wonderful for keen photographers.

Happy reading!

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