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FujiLove Magazine – March 2022

· 8.March.2022

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Our cover contributor for this month is Tom Baumgaertel, who, in his interview with Alison Conklin, discusses his unique minimalistic style and approach to street photography on the colourful LA streets.

Take Kayo brings his latest instalment of Take’s Corner where he asks the question: how many lens options do we need for the X Mount system?  Spoiler alert: it’s the more, the merrier! Karah Mew writes a vulnerable and powerful piece about how she discovered that had been missing from her family photos and what steps she took in order to change that.  Next up, Sophia Li shares an interesting still life series that grew out of the confines of quarantine and food supply challenges.  

Paul Choy, meanwhile, takes us along his journey to climb Kilimanjaro alongside his Fujifilm X100V and explains why the camera was the perfect photographic companion for his trip.  In our second interview this month, Taylor Kinzie opens up about her love of wedding photography and how a career in TV production inspired her to go full-time with photography. Next up is our monthly ‘From the Feed’ feature, where we’re sharing four popular images from #myfujilove on Instagram, posted by Stefan Json, Daniel Coello, Stephen Vincent-Grace, and Tyler A.W. Burke. Continuing her series on travel photography is Raisa Zwart, who shares with us her instant love of Costa Rica, as well as her tips for creating strong photo series when travelling. Completing our March issue, Ibarionex Perello continues his series with a beautiful insight on the power of a routine for the practice of photography.

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