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FujiLove Magazine – June 2022

· 9.June.2022

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Our cover contributor for this month is Take Kayo, who gives us a wonderful round-up of the recent X Summit OMIYA on 31st June, including recapping the newly announced Fujifilm cameras and lenses and some potential ideas about what we might see at the next X Summit in September.

Nathalie Boucry shares her appreciation for the now-discontinued Fujicolor Pro 400H and how she has been able to achieve a very similar look with film simulations, while Michael Chinnici, offers a very intimate look into what life is like for the workers in the Dhobi Ghat, where he spent 60 minutes capturing the images in this photo essay. Next up is Sabina Diethelm with a beautiful piece about documenting photographs and memories of her grandmother, a child survivor of the brutality of WW2.

Our first interview for this month is with Lanna Apisukh, who shares with us the connection between her career as an elite gymnast and her work as a photographer. Next up is our monthly ‘From the Feed’ feature, where we’re sharing four popular images from #myfujilove on Instagram, posted by Joe Gardner, Timon Sokol, Oliver Iserman and Thierry Krummenacher. Butch Quick explains in our second interview for this issue how the iPhone 8+ and a trip to Cuba helped ignite a passion for photography and led him to photography with the X-Pro2.

Completing her series on travel photography is Raisa Zwart, who shares a bit about the beauty of taking the time to capture images of places closer to home. Rounding off our June issue and his current six-article series on rediscovering photography, Ibarionex Perello celebrates his photographic journey and explains how meeting up with others to shoot together brought a sense of joy and satisfaction to his photography.

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