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FujiLove Magazine – August 2018

· 4.August.2018

Hello FujiLovers! Issue No. 29 of FujiLove Magazine has arrived with a whole fresh batch of wonderful articles for you to enjoy.

Our cover contributor for this month is Jennifer Tonetti Spellman, whose journey into street photography on the streets of NYC has breathed life into her creatively-speaking. She shares the difficulties of transitioning into a genre that’s different from the one you’ve built a following around and why Fujifilm cameras are her go-to for street photography.

Taking us through his process of creating corporate headshots, Seshu discusses how he started working within this genre, as well as how he believes his Fujifilm gear actually makes for better portraits.  Laura Kovanska, meanwhile, explores the world of fashion photography, and what part her X100 and Instax Wide cameras play on a shoot.

Next up is Wayne Johns, who guides us through his Fujifilm kit for his fashion, beauty and advertising photography work, as well as explaining the importance of shooting for personal projects. Jonas Rask is back with his lens guide, this month taking a look at the XF55-200mmF3.5-5.8 and its capabilities for wildlife photography, as well as its other uses.

Continuing with his ‘Simplicity in Seeing’ series is Olaf Sztaba, who shares with us both the challenges and the privilege of being able to shoot event-style photography at the Canadian Transplant Games in Vancouver with the GFX 50S. Jens Krauer continues his own ‘Street Photography’ series this month with a look at how a one-lens-one-body setup can work wonders for your street photography.

In this month’s interview, we’re talking to Suzanne Stein, a street photographer whose gritty ‘Skid Row’ project shot in downtown LA is both powerful and moving. She discusses how her Fujifilm kit serves her when shooting on the streets, her own personal philosophy of what street photography is and more. Rounding off the issue is Karim Helal, who shares with us exactly what it is about street photography that enchants him, and Andreas Kamoutsis whose ‘Irregular Faces’ project teaches how and why to get up close to our subjects when shooting on the streets.

Happy reading!

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