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FujiLove Magazine – April 2022

· 7.April.2022

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Our cover contributor for this month is Evan Lewis, who shares his process in documenting a fine art painter in her studio.  He gives us an insight into how the shoot came to be, and how it inspired him and awakened a renewed sense of his own art.

Take Kayo brings his latest installment of Take’s Corner where he shares his thoughts on what could be announced at the upcoming X-Summit and what he thinks Fujifilm needs to do to keep up with other camera brands and their offerings. Next up is Dan Croft, who shares his photo series ‘Rain Clouds Above the Dark Trees’, which captures, in black and white, the beauty of the changing landscape of the countryside near his home. Miles Witt Boyer, meanwhile, offers an inspiring piece to encourage all of us when we need it most, taking a look at the deeper side of our role as photographers.

In the first interview of the issue, Alison Conklin talks to wedding photographer Lisa Rigby about her process in capturing honest moments on important days. Next up is our monthly ‘From the Feed’ feature, where we’re sharing four popular images from #myfujilove on Instagram, posted by Henzel Mijos, Marcus Nilsson, Tony Kennedy and Kashif Salahuddin.  In our second interview for this month, Rinzi Ruiz unpacks his positive mindset and his approach to street photography.

Continuing her series on travel photography is Raisa Zwart, who takes us to the bright and beautiful country of Mexico and gives some advice about how to make money with your travel photography.  Closing out our April issue, Ibarionex Perello continues his poignant series with a discussion of the power of a print.

Happy reading!