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Fujifilm Announces the Development of the X-Pro3

· 20.September.2019

Fujifilm today officially announced development of the new Fujifilm X-Pro3 mirrorless rangefinder style camera. The announcement took place during the Fujifilm X Summit in Tokyo and the event was streamed live on the internet.

Here is a brief summary of X-Pro3 features Fujifilm mentioned during today’s event:

Titanium Body

X-Pro3 camera body will be featuring several parts made of titanium, which is an extremely durable and hard material. Fujifilm found a dedicated factory that will be manufacturing titanium parts for them.

Upgraded Hybrid Viewfinder

  • significantly reduced distortion
  • increased angle of view
  • brand new EVF panel with higher resolution and contrast, better brightness, wider color space, and an improved frame rate

No traditional rear LCD screen (!!!)

Fujifilm wants X-Pro3 users to look through the viewfinder and “minimize the time looking at the back of the camera.” On the back of the X-Pro3 you will find a small LCD screen displaying basic settings or (alternatively) simply the current film simulation you are using represented in a nice graphical fashion.

On the back of the camera you will also find a “hidden”swivelling LCD screen that swings downwards (the LCD is meant for image review and diving deeper into the menus).

New film simulation: Classic Negative

X-Pro3 will be the first Fujifilm X Series camera featuring their brand new digital film simulation – Classic Negative.

X-Pro3 will be officially announced on October 23rd 2019.

Go ahead and watch the replay of today’s Fujifilm event here (X-Pro3 announcement starts at 1:10:30):



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