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Capture One Update Brings First Fujifilm X-T4 Support

· 3.March.2020

Great news for Fujifilm / Capture One users today. If you’re lucky enough to have got hold of one of the first X-T4 cameras, or curious about working with any available RAW files, then Capture One 20.0.3 released today has support included.

Photo above: © Jan Gonzales. Fujifilm X-T4, edited in Capture One 20.0.3

This is only possible, as since 2018, Capture One and Fujifilm have enjoyed a unique collaborative relationship; working together to further develop Capture One, and to enable Fujifilm users to get the most out of the X-Trans sensors.

Capture One offers Fujifilm photographers a great set of editing tools, including the ability to utilize Fujifilm’s Film Simulations such as Acros, Provia, and Classic Chrome. With Capture One, these film emulations are not restricted to JPEGs, but can be used withRAW files too, so you can decide on your film simulation even after you have taken the shot.

Capture One and Fujifilm’s relationship also means that handling of the X-trans sensor is now widely regarded as one of the best, liberating as much detail as possible.  Also due to Capture One’s very much hand crafted camera profiles, color rendition is prefect out of the box and noise reduction is tuned to individual ISO values.

If you’ve yet to try Capture One, download it here and check out Capture One’s extensive learning hub to help you get started.

For a complete list supported cameras, visit this page.

© Photo by Jan Gonzales. Fujifilm X-T4. Edited in Capture One 20.0.3