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An Interview With Olly Green

· 18.November.2023

Olly, welcome to FujiLove! Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Hi, I am currently working full-time as a service engineer for a U.K.-based CNC machine tool company – camera lenses won’t buy themselves! Photography is one of my many passions alongside mountain biking, classic cars, travel and basically anything that gives me a hit of adrenaline.

Just over a year ago, my partner of four years (Emma) and I took a risk and quit our jobs with only the vaguest of plans. We took our self-converted Transit van (Harrison) over the channel to France and a year later, after countless memories and having used up our savings, we returned to England. In that time, we managed to visit 23 countries in total, which was far more than we had anticipated. Things were not always as they look on Instagram but the good parts far outweighed the bad. Having my camera along with me for the trip was a great way to test it out and grow my skills.

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