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A First Look at the GFX 100S II

· 29.June.2024

When I got the chance to take an advanced look at the newly released GFX100S II, I didn’t have to think twice. Taking travel portraits is my speciality, so I decided to bring the camera to the north of Vietnam. I packed three of my favourite lenses: my trusty GF20-35mmF4 for environmental portraiture and the occasional landscape, the lightweight, versatile and sharp GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6, and the essential GF110mmF2 for anyone serious about portrait photography on the GFX system.

A little background

I started working with the GFX system about eight years ago, after travelling to Varanasi, India with a prototype of the first GFX 50S. Up until then, the main application for larger-than-full-frame digital cameras was in studios due to their heavy weight, poor if any autofocus and complicated handling.

With my original GFX 50S video, I hoped to show that a 50-megapixel digital medium format camera could also be a valuable tool for the discerning travel photographer. The video convinced at least one person to buy into the GFX system: me! When the GFX 50S became commercially available in early 2017, I broke my piggy bank and got one, along with the versatile GF32-64mmF4 and the razor-sharp GF120mmF4. After testing the 50S in India, I went to Ethiopia with its 50R sibling rangefinder in 2018…

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