5 Reasons To Still Consider the X-Pro2 Over the X-T2

· 14.September.2016

Ok, so the X-T2 is now available and now every Fujifilm photographer who doesn’t already own an X-T2 or X-Pro2 finds themselves in a bit of a dilemma, do you go for the X-T2 or the X-Pro2. On the surface it would seem like an easy decision, the X-T2 has virtually everything that the X-Pro2 has and more, including 4K video, and all while being the cheaper of the two cameras.

So clearly, the X-T2 is the better choice, right? Well, as with many things in photography, that is not the whole story, so today we wanted to focus on a few of the reasons to still consider an X-Pro2 now that the X-T2 is available. Though with two cameras as evenly matched in most ways as these cameras are, we fully admit that the list below to be pretty subjective and you may disagree on one point or another. But lets get into it…


Reason #1: The Optical Viewfinder

Now, not everyone will appreciate the OVF on the X-Pro2, but for a certain sort of photographers, this is an incredibly helpful feature to have. In many cases, the OVF allows you to see outside of the frame that your lens is displaying. This means that if you are a street photographer, that you can see people coming before they enter your frame, allowing you to better frame a specific shot to suit a given subject.

Beyond that, though, it allows the photographer to see the scene without relying on the EVF, which for someone used to a DSLR or older rangefinder style camera, could be a more comfortable shooting preference.

Reason #2: It Is Actually Available

Now, this one is obviously a temporary reason, but as things stand right now Fujifilm can’t keep up with the orders on the X-T2. This is leading to some big delays and making it really hard to get your hands on one right now. The X-Pro2 on the other hand, having had the luxury of being out for the majority of the year already, is still available and in stock at most cameras stores who sell Fujifilm.

In other words, you can get the X-Pro2 now, or you can wait for a month or two, or maybe even longer to get an X-T2. For two cameras with that are so closely matched spec-wise, it’s hard to believe most of you would have many issues putting an X-Pro2 to good use in lieu of an X-T2.


Reason #3: The Higher Resolution Rear LCD

Due to needing to accommodate for the X-T2’s tilty flippy screen, the LCD on the back of the X-T2 is actually a lower res screen than the X-Pro 2. Sporting a rear LCD with 1.6Million dots, the X-Pro2 bests the X-T2’s rear LCD by 600,000dots or so. Now, how likely are you to really see or notice a difference? That is hard to say, but if you want the camera with the better rear LCD, the X-Pro 2 is it.

Reason #4: The Film Style ISO Dial

Now, some of you may not find this as a positive reason, but one big design difference between the two cameras is the ISO dials. On the X-Pro2 you have that classic film style ISO selector, you lift the shutter speed dial and twist to the desired ISO. Some of us love it, some of us hate it – I personally love it, but it did take some getting used to – but it is a notable difference between the two cameras.


Reason #5: Overall Handling

The X-Pro2 is designed in a way that you can almost operate it entirely with one hand. The dials, buttons, almost everything is reachable from the grip hand. The X-T2 has a similar layout with one major difference (along with some other minor ones), the ISO dial is on the left side of the camera, making it much harder to make quick adjustments to it on the fly or while your eye is up to the camera.

The Real Truth

In the end, the number of actual specs or functions that you can point to that the X-Pro2 has over the X-T2 is small, as evident by the short list above. These are two cameras with virtually the same specs, virtually the same size (the X-T2 is taller, while the X-Pro2 is wider), with virtually the same capabilities. There is no ‘Ah, THAT, that right there. This is why you should pick an X-Pro2 over the X-T2’ fact here. The choice between the two cameras is really more about your shooting style and preference than it is a matter of specs or performance.

A certain style of photographer will prefer the X-Pro2, and a certain style will prefer the X-T2, no right or wrong. But if you don’t have a preference between either, then you need to consider what you do, how you do it, and how either of these cameras would fit into things for you. In the big picture, the $100 price tag difference is negligible.

If you already own an X-Pro2 there is little reason to trade it for an X-T2 (unless sports or video is your thing), and for X-T2 owners, there is little reason to move to an X-Pro2 unless the handling on the X-T2 doesn’t work for you.

Curious of your thoughts on this everyone. What other reasons can you think of right now to choose an X-Pro2 over an X-T2? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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