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The Timeless Allure of the Austrian Alps With the Fujifilm X-T3

· 17.September.2023

A once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Austrian Alps allows a photographer to capture the timeless spirit of the mountains. Armed only with her Fujifilm X-T3, Anete Lusina set out to document the minimalist slopes, striking silhouettes, and enduring camaraderie found in the small ski town of Mayrhofen.

For some, all-inclusive ski retreats are a yearly event. For others, it’s an unattainable dream. Comfortable accommodation, dining in a hotel daily, and renting skis can quickly become costly. International travel is already a luxury not everyone gets to enjoy in their lifetime.

As for me, I haven’t had the opportunity or the money to take part in all-inclusive vacations before. So, how did I end up in a four-star hotel in Austria for a week with skis on my shoulders? My partner’s parents graciously invited me and their daughter-in-law to come along for their annual ski trip – one they had to pause for a while because of the pandemic.

Our destination was Mayrhofen. It’s a small town set in Ziller Valley in Tyrol, a western Austrian state with a population shy of 4,000. Yet it attracts as many as 1.3 million accommodation stays each year. During the warm months, it’s a popular place for hikers. When the snow season rolls around, numerous skiers and snowboarders come here to enjoy the slopes. Catering to complete beginners and advanced athletes, there’s something for everyone.

I’ve always enjoyed listening to my partner talk about the slopes he’s whizzed down with his brother over the years. Or the things they’d get up to when their ski and snowboard boots are off. I never thought I’d get to experience it, too, and the more I thought about what to pack for my trip, I knew my Fujifilm X-T3 would be a must. How else would I get to document this journey if not with my small, trustworthy mirrorless?

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