FujiLove Academy

Q&A Session with Damien Lovegrove

· 29.August.2016

The first FujiLove Academy Q&A Session with Damien Lovegrove is now online. Damien does not need much of an introduction. He is an official Fujifilm X-Photographer from the UK and one of the most renowned portrait photographers on this planet.

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Damien Lovegrove is answering the following 10 questions in today’s Q&A session:

  • How would you shoot people/portraits during a poorly-lit event?
  • What is the best hot shoe flash to use with the X-Pro2?
  • What is the best radio controlled flash system for the X-Pro2, keeping in mind both budget and quality?
  • Can you really use a Fujifilm X-T10 on a professional job, like a wedding or a fashion shoot?
  • I want to buy a flash for my X-T10. What features should I be considering when choosing a flash?
  • I want to buy a portrait lens and the XF56mm seems to be be a perfect fit. Should I pay the extra and get the APD version?
  • Do you prefer using the electronic or optical viewfinder when shooting portraits?
  • What are the pitfalls of using Auto ISO apart from the obvious studio and flash?
  • Can Canon flashguns be safely used on the X-T1?
  • As a wedding photographer I still rely on the autofocus and shooting speed of my full frame DSLR, but I really love my Fuji gear too. What do you recommend to get me out of DSLR shooting altogether?