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Nikola Jankovic: Traveling Light with Fuji X100S

· 24.September.2015

It was very important to pack light for my last trip to Portugal, as we were planning to spend a few days in each place and to move to the next one using public transport. We have spent one month traveling in Portugal along the ocean coast. I can’t imagine carrying anything else than the X100S, which I had with me during this trip. With its weight below 500g of the camera body, two extra batteries and one charger this is the lightest existing mechanism capable of recording life moments. Outstanding image quality, manual controls and light weight is what I like the most about Fuji X100S.

This is a guest post by Nikola Jankovic from Serbia.
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I was shooting this series of photos in RAW as I wanted to have color photos from this trip. Later on I edited them in Lightroom using VSCO Film presets (Provia 100f in this case). Take a look here for full photo collection from this Portugal trip.

In general I mostly use B&W with Red filter + RAW as I really don’t enjoy editing photos later on computer.


Another reason I like the Fuji X series so much is the quality of JPG files coming straight from the camera. It is outstanding and does not require spending time in front of computer and doing much post-production.


Why weight and size is important?

During this one month trip we had a lot of trekking, walking around with backpacks while searching for accommodation, or just walking a few kilometers to reach the next beach. If I had one more bag with photo equipment I would have probably left it in a room. X100S has the perfect weight and usually I don’t feel it on my shoulder when walking around. On the other side it is not a plastic toy but a solidly made camera that has an impressive finish.


Why do I love Fuji X100S?

This small camera feels like a part of myself and not a gear, not a tool. Its simplicity, manual controls and fixed lens encourage creativity and push me to think while creating.


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