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It is time for your photographs!

· 30.October.2015

It is time for another portion of photographs submitted by you, FujiLove readers! Thanks a lot for all the wonderful images you are sending in. We are getting so many photos that we would be able to produce a thick book by today! Thanks a lot. Today we would like to share 5 photographs we recently received.

The photograph above was taken by Ignasi Raventos from Spain. Ignasi is an official Fujifilm X-Photographer and he captured “the light of autumn in the streets of Rhotic Quartier of Barcelona” with his X-T10 and the XF16-55mm lens.

Next image came from Andrea Corò from Italy, who wrote: “I have tried a lot of cameras and I find the perfect one in the Fujifilm X100T. I took this photo during a walk in my city: Venice! I love Venice, everytime I see it, it’s like the first time!”


John Herdmann sent us a photo titled “Charlie in Mono” taken with the X-T1 and the XF18-55mm lens. “This sandstone stack is known as Charlie’s Garden. Over the years it has sadly eroded and collapsed into the waters below. The story goes, that a man named Charlie maintained a small garden on top of the sea stack when it was connected to the mainland many years ago. I planned to capture this long exposure seascape with a glorious sunrise, however the morning I visited the sun was a no-show. In the end I feel the smooth water and moody skies work well in black and white.Charlie’s Garden located just off shore in the North Sea, UK.”


The portrait below comes from Tommy Le. He took it using his X-T1 and the XF56mm lens. Tommy wrote: “I recently just got back into photography. I used to shoot film way back when and was using the Hasselblad 501. I bought the Fujifilm X-T1 and the 56mm lens. A friend of mine has a clothing store and would like me to do a photoshoot for her website and the photos came out wonderful. I love Fujifilm camera it brings me back to my passion for photography again.”


And the last shot for today is another portrait taken by Gordon Russell with the X-T1 and the XF90mm lens. “I don’t actually own the 90mm YET, I went into London Camera Exchange, asked to try it on my X-T1, pointed it out the window, set exposure, was interested in AF so started tracking people walking by, this girl walked past, saw something in the window of the shop next door and half turned to look back at it. I shutter mashed and voila. I think I was in Zone focus mode and at F2.0 the sharpness that this captured blew my mind. Its such a strong image. Remember also this is shot through a grimy London shop windows glass and its still this sharp. One of the images I am proudest of so far.”


Go out yourself, take some great photographs and submit your best image using this form.