Introducing FujiLove Extended

· 25.January.2018

Today we are introducing FujiLove Extended – new and extremely valuable subscription plan for serious Fujifilm X Series photographers and enthusiasts. The main part of FujiLove Extended are TWO monthly LIVE online photography workshop webinars led by official Fujifilm X-Photographers. As a FujiLove Extended subscriber you will also be getting access to a range of additional new features. FujiLove has just gotten way more attractive. Let’s dive into the details.Needless to say, FujiLove Magazine, FujiLove Academy videos, and (new!) PDF Handouts will be automatically included in your FujiLove Extended.

Let’s have a look at ALL FEATURES of the new FujiLove Extended membership plan:

FujiLove Magazine

The number one digital publication for users of the Fujifilm X Series cameras. 100+ pages of pure Fuji X goodness: inspirational and educational articles prepared by some of the most renowned and respected Fujifilm X shooters. Wonderful imagery blended into a beautiful magazine layout. Launched April 2015, FujiLove Magazine has quickly become the go-to-publication all things Fujifilm X Series.

FujiLove Academy videos

Every month Fujifilm Official X-Photographer and Adobe Lightroom Certified Expert, Piet Van den Eynde, prepares for us his invaluable video tutorials, covering software, Fujifilm and 3rd-party gear.

FujiLove PDF Handouts

Starting this month you will be receiving an additional monthly PDF Handout – a compact guide on a chosen subject or photography genre prepared for you by a photographer specialising in this specific area. We are starting with “Portrait Lighting – 20 Tips by Dave Kai Piper” and “Producing Video with the X-T2 – 20 Tips by Maarten Heilbron”.

LIVE online photography workshops

Here at FujiLove, we have already run a few online workshops/photography webinars in the past and the reaction of the participants has always been enthusiastic. It is by far the best possible way to learn and improve your photography online, from the comfort of your own home.

You have been asking for it, so here it is – TWO ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY LIVE WEBINARS every month, tailored specifically for users of the Fujifilm X Series cameras are now included in the FujiLove Extended plan!

We will be covering different topics and photography genres. For starters we have invited two of the most beloved Fujifilm X-Photographers out there: Valerie Jardin will be teaching street photography on February 3rd and Paul Sanders will be teaching landscape photography on February 17th.

Each of the online workshops will take 2 – 3 hours. They will include Q&A sessions as well, so you will have a chance of having your questions answered by our guest photographers. And all of you subscribed to FujiLove Extended will have access to webinar replays in case you were not able to attend them live. The replays will be available for 30 days after the actual event.

Fujifilm X Series technical support

Starting February 1st, as a FujiLove Extended subscriber you will have access to a special X Series tech support channel – you will be able to submit questions concerning your Fujifilm X Series cameras and lenses. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours by one of Fujifilm X-Photographers. You will be receiving your answers directly into your email inbox. We will be answering questions regarding camera settings, lens and camera specifications, recommended setup for specific kinds of photography etc.

FujiLove Virtual Photo Exhibitions

Every month you will have access to a designated FujiLove Extended exhibition area on our website. A photographer of our choice will be exhibiting her or his work accompanied by behind-the-photo stories and EXIF information. Another highly valuable way to get inspired and improve your own skills.

Access to all protected areas on the FujiLove website

You will have unlimited access to all protected areas on the FujiLove website. The most valuable FujiLove written content is being published in FujiLove Magazine. But we will have occasional website articles and features that will be available only to FujiLove Extended members as well.

Photo assignments

Every month we are running a photo assignment, where you have a chance to win a valuable prize – a Fujinon lens, a flash, a piece of software etc. Winning photographs are being published in the Readers’ Gallery section of the FujiLove Magazine.


For a limited amount of time you can subscribe to FujiLove Extended for only 9.95 USD a month (ALL of the above features included!).
(usual price of the FujiLove Extended plan will be 14.95 USD)

As of today FujiLove becomes the unquestionable number one destination for passionate users of the Fujifilm X Series system.

The amount of content and value included in FujiLove Extended is staggering. Monthly FujiLove Magazine (those who know it already, we hope there is no need to keep recommending it!), new monthly FujiLove PDF Handouts – concise mini-compendiums on specific photographic subjects prepared for you by experts in their fields, FujiLove Academy videos – monthly video tutorials prepared by Fujifilm X-Photographer and Adobe Lightroom Certified Expert Piet Van den Eynde, TWO ONLINE LIVE WORKSHOP WEBINARS with Official Fujifilm X-Photographers, Fujifilm X Series tech support channel, virtual photo exhibitions, access to all protected content on the website, Photo Assignments with attractive gear prizes.

ALL of that is included in FujiLove Extended for 9.95 USD a month. And if you decide to subscribe for a yearly plan you will receive one entire month completely for FREE!

How to subscribe?


You can subscribe using credit card or PayPal.

How about existing FujiLove subscribers?

Are you a current FujiLove subscriber and would you like to upgrade your plan from Basic to Extended? We have made it easy for you. Follow this link to upgrade your plan>>>