FujiLove Podcast – Episode 38 With Billy Luong

· 4.March.2019

New episode of the FujiLove Podcast is live! Today Jens Krauer is talking to Billy Luong, Senior Technical Brand Manager at Fujifilm Canada, one of the famous and beloved Fuji Guys!

Billy is a new regular guest on the FujiLove Podcast. He joins us once a month to share the latest Fujifilm developments and news, but also to ask whatever Fujifilm related questions you might have.

Is there anything you would like Billy to address or clarify? Make sure you send Jens an email at jens@fujilove.com and we will do our best to take care of your question next time Billy Luong comes on the show!

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Jens Krauer

Jens Krauer is a Street- and Documentary Photographer based in Zürich Switzerland and an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. Working on the streets of New York, Istanbul, Paris, Kiev, Honkong and many more cities, searching for the „decisive moment“ in everyday life of different people and cultures. His work has been widely exhibited in Europe and in parts of the USA. He hosts the official FujiLove Podcast, writes for the FujiLove Magazine and teaches in workshops and seminars about street photography and creative seeing in photography. His motto is „share emotions not pixels“ and he has been featured in Street Photography Magazine, the official Magazine of the Siena Photo Awards, the Phoblographer and many more.

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