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FujiLove Magazine – February 2023

· 7.February.2023

Hello FujiLovers! Issue no. 83 of FujiLove Magazine has arrived with a whole fresh batch of wonderful articles for you to enjoy. Subscribers, head to the FujiLove Subscriber Area.

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Our cover contributor for this month is Mikko Kauppinen, who is chatting to Stephanie Baxter in this month’s interview about how he got started with portrait photography, as well as how getting in closer to his subjects has helped to hone his personal style.

Take Kayo brings us his latest instalment of Take’s Corner, where he compares third-party lenses for the X Series compared to Fujifilm’s own offerings and considers the question: which is better?

Meanwhile, Tom Hegen gives us an inside look into his SALT WORKS project, which has now been turned into a book that features his stunning aerial photos of various salt production sites. Next up is Dominik Staszowski with this month’s photo essay entitled ‘Eternal Japan’, providing a contrasting look between Japan’s two most famous cities, Tokyo and Kyoto.

Anete Lusina considers the meaning of home as she shares some images that she took during her most recent trip home this winter. As usual, we also have our monthly ‘From the Feed’ feature, where we’re sharing four popular images from #myfujilove on Instagram, posted by David Cape, Elena Nechaeva, Karl Twigg and Jef Janis.

Continuing her ‘Creative Vision Behind the Lens’ series, Valérie takes us behind-the-scenes of more of her favourite photographs, giving us invaluable insight into her creative process for taking each one.

We’re also thrilled to bring you our ‘Gear Talk’ section of FujiLove Magazine, starting with Rico Pfirstinger, who continuing his series all about camera settings that will show you how to best set up and make the most of your X cameras while avoiding common pitfalls along the way, this month moving on to the AF/MF setting menu with a particular look at the new additions to this menu in the most recent X Series cameras.  Piet Van den Eynde, meanwhile, recaps the most important settings and panels in Capture One before giving us a full walkthrough of the editing process of one of his images. Next up is Bobbi Lane, who is reviewing the TT Artisans 50mmF1.2 tilt-shift lens and considering whether it is a useful tool to add to your camera bag. Rounding off the January issue is Dylan Goldby with a consideration of the real-world differences to be expected when upgrading to a 40MP camera like the X-H2 or X-T5.

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