Find Your Fujifilm Clan on 500px

· 1.February.2018

The destination for passionate photographers everywhere, the 500px community is no stranger to Fujifilm gear and its cult following.

500px is a FujiLove Partner and we would like to thank them very much for their support! This is a sponsored article. Image featured above is by Takashi Yasui.

Fujifilm devotees have shared roughly 2 million photos on the 500px platform to date, many of which have been showcased in the community’s celebrated Editors’ Choice collection. And with 500px’s recently-launched Gear pages, it’s easier than ever to discover new and inspiring work and connect with other passionate Fujifilm photographers in the community.

Take the Fujifilm X100S Gear page: a quick glance reveals myriad photos taken with the camera, including trending, Editors’ Choice selections, as well as Top Categories and the Best 100—photos that have garnered the most engagement from the community.

The best part? Once you’ve had your fill of browsing inspiring work created with your favorite camera (or, let’s be honest, just take a break from your photo-binge), you can also discover new Fujifilm photographers you’ll love that are currently trending on 500px.

We sat down with Michael Tighe, one of the Fujifilm fanatics on the 500px team, to talk about his experience with the platform’s growing Fujifilm community, their distinctive style, and the photographers that any Fuji lover should be following.

“Something Fishy” by Andy Kirby. X-T2 + XF16-55mm f/2.8

Q. What’s the Fujifilm community like on 500px?

A: I would say it’s small, but strong and growing quickly. More and more, I find myself (pleasantly) surprised to see that a photo I like was taken with a Fujifilm camera. I’ve also found quite a few great photographers by looking for photos shot on a Fujifilm – they tend to attract a certain type of photographer.

In the office at 500px, we have developed a bit of a cult of Fujifilm over the last couple of years. A lot of employees here have made the switch and now sing the praises of Fujifilm.

“Smartphone Hunch” by Jani Mäki. X100S.

Q. Can you spot a Fujifilm user on 500px? Is there a specific style?

A: Absolutely. Or, at least, I used to be able to spot them. The Fujifilm community was originally rooted more heavily in street photography, and definitely had a certain look. I’m starting to see a lot more variety now, though, and it’s getting harder to pick them out of a crowd. This is a good thing—it means more people are starting to see the potential of the system.

“Ginza, Tokyo” by Takashi Yasui. X-T2 + XF56mm f/1.2

Q: Who are your favourite Fujifilm photographers on 500px?

A: I’ve never been into picking favourites (it’s much too hard), but here are a few I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there are many, many more out there, and I can’t wait to find them. My current favourites are:

Andy Kirby: https://500px.com/mrkirby

Takashi Yasui: https://500px.com/_tuck4

Andrew Curry: https://500px.com/curryandrew

Adam Mechant: https://500px.com/monsieurmechant

WK Cheoh: https://500px.com/edutilos

Alvin Ng: https://500px.com/alvinnzh

Follow Michael Tighe on 500px here.

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