From the editor Inspiration

Embracing unexpected

· 2.November.2015

I guess it is something we all have to learn… Have you ever experienced a situation when after a thoroughly planned photography scenario, you end up with images that are totally different from what you had been actually planning to accomplish?

Two weeks ago I was on assignment photographing one of the leading Swiss brass orchestras. The orchestra needed new photos – of them, playing, as a whole ensemble and also some individual shots of particular sections. I gathered all the necessary information, made my research, I wanted to know how much light I would have in the concert hall, how much space I would be having to move around, what are the possible angles, positions to shoot from.

I was prepared. I knew what I was going after, I felt confident.

When I arrived at the concert hall, we all still had some time till the general rehearsal was scheduled to begin. I prepared my cameras (was shooting with the X-T1 and the X-E2 that day) and started wandering around. Musicians were starting to gather in the hall and warming up. There was more and more music in the air.

Being a musician myself, I love this atmosphere. I know the feeling very well myself: getting ready for a rehearsal or for a concert. That’s why when working as a photographer I love the feeling of becoming almost one of them – the musicians, mingling into their group, becoming invisible…

And suddenly, I saw this trumpeter. Sitting on the balcony, concentrated, lost in his own melodies and tones. He didn’t even notice me being around. I took two, maybe three pictures. And the one you are seeing above is one of those photographs. I ended up with a photograph I really like, but which I was not planning to take at all. That’s what I love about being a photographer. When having a camera in my hand, I never know what I am going to see. There are photographs waiting for us around every corner and we should never forget to stay being opened for whatever might come our way. Some (if not the most) of my the images I consider my best work, are results of this openness.

I am really looking forward to what I will see tomorrow.