Bursts of Observation with the Fujifilm X100F

· 25.June.2017

So many of us photographers – definitely myself included – struggle with more or less frequent, shorter or longer periods of so called creative blocks. Well, let us first get this one out of the way: IT IS NORMAL. Even more than that: IT IS ABSOLUTELY NORMAL and everyone experiences these unpleasant and frustrating times on a more or less regular basis. It’s life.

Truth to be said: there are pictures to be taken everywhere. We just have to look for them. We have to open our eyes and start looking for everything and anything that catches our attention. And if it does – it is definitely worth photographing and you should be immediately doing exactly that.

I tend to work in what I like to call “bursts of observation” – relatively short moments in time, where my mind ends up being in a very creative, almost meditative state of unreflective mode, where I simply start enjoying things around me: shapes, light, layers, certain juxtapositions of objects and people in my surroundings. That’s when many of my photographs are being created. I trust my gut and my eyes: most of the time I quickly grab my beloved X100F and start reacting to those fascinating moments of “visual admiration”.

I avoid analysing my own photographs. I also do not care so much what the viewer will think about them. I trust my own emotions and I hope (of course I do) that there will be at least a few people all across the globe who will resonate with my vision.

But I know that it is the only way. To follow my heart and my visual instincts. Every other photograph would be a “fake”, it wouldn’t be mine.

As a photographer you will have a chance of finding your own loyal audience ONLY if you will follow your own instincts and your own heart. Don’t be afraid. Don’t hesitate to photograph what you feel like photographing, what is giving you goosebumps, what is making you run to another room and grab the camera before the shadow goes away. And secondly: don’t be afraid to share your work with the others. You will never please everyone – NEVER. And you don’t have to. You have satisfy yourself first and let the world decide what your photography is worth.

I created the photographs I am sharing in this article within 30-40 minutes of time, during one of my bursts of observation. I had a blast, the most wonderful time.

Do the same – if you enjoy photography as much as I do, don’t hesitate to use it to your own satisfaction. That’s the only way of satisfying others.